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SG Expert Pte Ltd is a leading provider of specialized Professional Upskills and Industrial solutions. The company has a presence in Singapore and South East Asia . 

 Our team is committed to providing high-quality professional training , consultation and solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each sector and industry.


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"The program is good because it covers all industrial fields, including information, electrical, industrial and mechatronics"

-Cristin Erniati Panjaitan (Lecturer Prima Indonesia University)

"The purpose of participating in this training is to increase competence in the field of automation"

-Imam Abdul Rozaq (Lecturer Muria Kudus University)

"There are several classes that are modified E-learning and offline, meaning that we understand the technology better so that we are very expert"

-Zulaida Rahmi (Lecturer Muhamadiah Mahakarya Aceh University) 

"Hopefully this competency certification program can provide opportunities for further study S3"

-Mahmud Basuki (Lecturer Teuku Umar University)


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